At what age can a cat be bathed? Tips

At what age can a cat be bathed? Tips »

A question that generates uncertainty is, at what age can we start bathing our kitty? In this article you will find useful information and tips so that your friend feels comfortable, does not generate rejection to the water and can repeat the bathing experience with pleasure.


Cat Health and Hygiene

In this category you will find information about health, cleaning and hygiene, care and feeding of cats.

Cat Health and Care

We will inform you about the basic care to keep your kitty healthy and happy. Like for example we will tell you about the 10 most common diseases in cats: Allergies, conjunctivitis, otitis, feline immunodeficiency, kidney failure, feline leukemia, feline pan leukopenia, infectious peritonitis, ringworm and gastrointestinal disorders.

To face some of these diseases we will provide you with what you need to know about the vaccination plan for cats, with the vaccines to be applied according to the age of the kitten (trivalent, leukemia, rabies) so that it can have the necessary antibodies to fight the different feline diseases that can affect the health of your cat.

When your cat reaches sexual maturity (usually around 5 or 6 months of age) she begins her reproductive facet and with it many doubts and questions about what will happen when she becomes a mother.

In this section we will provide you with answers to several questions you may be asking yourself: How is the heat period?, What are its phases?, How is the cat’s pregnancy?, How long does gestation last?, What are the symptoms of a pregnant cat?, How do I know it’s time to give birth?

After delivery it is important to have advice on the care of baby kittens and we will provide it. We will tell you how is the nursing of kittens, when weaning occurs, when they need their first vaccination, what is the most common condition in baby kittens.

Also about the proper feeding required after weaning and the importance of early socialization with their human family and other cats or pets.


An index factor in the good health of a cat is cleanliness and hygiene, so here you will find tips on proper cleaning and hygiene of these felines. Although cats groom themselves several times a day to keep themselves clean, it is advisable to collaborate with a hygiene routine, which includes: brushing their fur, bathing, cleaning their eyes, ears, dental hygiene, nail care, among others.

It is also part of a good hygiene the cleaning of the litter trays. Here you will find useful tips and information on the types of cat litter, so that you can choose the right one for your cat and get him used to using his litter tray.


A well-fed cat is a cat that is in good health. Therefore, we will give you advice on feeding, as well astypes of cat food (dry, wet, homemade and human).