Giant Aphrodite (Short and semi-long hair)

The giant aphrodite cat. Aphrodite Giant.

The Giant Aphrodite, or Mountain Giant, is one of the largest and oldest cat breeds in the world. They originated naturally in Cyprus. They are very affectionate and elegant. Being so sociable and demanding, it is not recommended to leave it alone or without the company of another pet.


turkish mohair

Turkish angora cat face photo.

The Turkish Angora stands out for its athletic figure and elegance. They are companions and faithful to their owners, from whom they constantly demand attention. They come from Ankara, Turkey. Compared to other cats, and with the necessary care, they are long-lived, that is, they can live for many years.



Balinese cat face photo

The Balinese cat has a great resemblance to the Siamese, but with semi-long fur and is less noisy. Agile, playful and observant. It emits different meows to attract the attention of its master. They usually choose a member of the family as their favorite, and accompany them around the house.



Burmilla cat face photo

Recognized for his distinctive "makeup" that stands out on his eyes, nose and lips. Also for its distinctive shiny and platinum coat. The Burmilla cat is ideal for families with children as they are very sociable and like to play with them.



Chartreux cat face photo.

The expression on his face draws a constant smile on his face, the blue fur in all its shades and his beautiful copper-colored eyes, giving him a unique characteristic, make the Chartreux one of the most striking cat breeds in France.


American Curl (short and long hair)

American Curl cat face photo.

Striking for their curved ears (their distinctive mark). They are affectionate, cuddly and attached. The American Curl cat is in good health and does not suffer from congenital diseases, although when grooming itself with semi-long hair, it can generate the presence of hairballs in the digestive tract.



Cymric short-tailed cat face photo.

Its peculiarity is the total or partial absence of its tail, it can measure just three centimeters, even less or not at all, in addition its back is curved, due to the same mutation that malforms its spine. Cymric cats are very intelligent, sociable and affectionate.



Photo of the face of the Exotic Cat, the Garfield of real life.

Short-haired and very active, he has the physical complexion of a Persian. The Exotic cat has a docile and calm temperament, but cannot bear to be alone, for this reason, it constantly seeks to be in contact with its owners and attract their attention.


Javanese (Oriental Longhair)

Face photo of oriental longhair cat, also called Javanese cat.

The Javanese, also called (oriental long-haired cat), is the product of an accidental cross between the oriental short-haired cat and the Balinese. Their physical structure has several differences in their complexion, although in turn, they are very similar in character and temperament.



korat cat face photo

His platinum blue fur with beautiful green eyes enhance his beautiful elegance. The Korat demand attention and are active, in turn they are very intelligent and affectionate with their masters, but not with strangers. It is an ideal cat for older people.


Kurilian Bobtail (short and long hair)

photo of the Kurilian Bobtail.

Its short tail that looks like a pompom is one of its distinctive features. The Kurilian Bobtail cat has two versions, one with short hair and the other with long hair. They both have the same characteristics, the only difference is in their fur. They are very social and intelligent.


Maine Coon

Photo of the Maine Coon Cat.

The Maine Coon is the largest cat breed in the world and one of the first "natural" cats to originate in the United States. Ideal for families with children, because they are very careful when playing and never take out their claws. They usually love the water and it is not strange to see them playing in it. Calm and quiet.


New Masquerade

Photo of the Neva Masquerade Cat.

It has its origin in Russia. The Neva Masquerade cat is the point version of the Siberian kitten. With blue eyes, medium to large size and abundant fur, which gives it an imposing appearance. Its robust and firm appearance also gives it a unique elegance.



Ragamuffin kitten photo

He is affectionate, calm, and ideal for all types of families with or without children. Ragamuffins are robust, large cats with walnut-shaped eyes and very abundant fur, they also have a wide variety of colors and patterns.


Holy of Burma (Burmese)

Photo of the Sacred cat of Burma or Burmese cat.

Strong presence and semi-long hair. It has light color, but with areas in dark tones, white gloves and blue eyes. The Sacred of Burma (Burmese) is tender, sociable and active, ideal for families with children and pets. He likes to play, but when he is tired he will go away to rest.


Scottish Fold

Photo of the Scottish Fold cat.

The Scottish Fold is a very affectionate, sweet and sociable kitten. As a main characteristic we highlight its small ears bent forward, together with its rounded head, giving it a very tender appearance. They get along amazing with all kinds of families that have children or with older people.


Scottish Straight

Scottish Straight Cat Face Photo

Scottish Straights are characterized by being intelligent, sociable and affectionate. Its round head and large eyes give it a very cute appearance. They adapt to any kind of family, and as an important fact, they love children.



Siberian cat photo.

Its appearance is imposing, with abundant fur and large size. The Siberian has three layers of hair, to be able to withstand temperatures below zero. They are very sociable with children, adults and other pets. He is very active, he likes to climb and play.



Somali cat photo.

Somalis are intelligent, sociable cats, very active and do not tolerate loneliness. They play a lot with the family and without problems live with other animals. It is the result of a recessive gene that comes from the Abyssinian, which gives it a semi-long and fluffy coat, from this mutation this feline arises.



Toybob cat photo.

Considered one of the smallest cats on the planet, its name refers to a toy (Toy). Of peculiar size and twisted tail. Toybobs can be found in a wide variety of coat colors, as well as short- and semi-long-haired versions.


go turkish

Photo of the Turkish Van cat.

Turkish Vans are large, muscular cats with an elegant appearance. They love water, they are intelligent and playful. Due to its rough play, it is not recommended for families with very young children. With semi-long hair, created in the United Kingdom with the selection of specimens obtained from Turkey.


York Chocolate

Image the breed of cats York chocolate

Abundant, medium-length, chocolate-colored fur is the hallmark of the York cat. Although there are other colors such as lilac (lavender) product of crossing with Siamese. He is very curious, energetic and playful. Ideal for all types of families (including children).