Altai Blue Eyes

Altai cat blue eyes

The blue-eyed Altai is a breed of cat that has been known for a few years and has been gaining a lot of notoriety, thanks to its particular blue eyes and variety of colors in its fur, such as tabby or black, among others, which are difference from the typical white pussycats or the point pattern.


turkish mohair

Turkish angora cat face photo.

The Turkish Angora stands out for its athletic figure and elegance. They are companions and faithful to their owners, from whom they constantly demand attention. They come from Ankara, Turkey. Compared to other cats, and with the necessary care, they are long-lived, that is, they can live for many years.



baby cat face

Bambinos are a relatively new breed of cat, with a very striking presence, quite similar to the Sphynx in personality and appearance, as it is bald, but with the exception of short legs like the Munchkin.


Japanese Bobtail (short and long hair)

Photo of the face of the short-tailed Japanese Bobtail cat.

Striking in appearance due to its short, pompom-shaped tail. It emits melodic sounds with which the Japanese Bobtail interacts with its owners. The long-haired one has abundant and extensive fur, which is wavy at the tip, and the short-haired one is smooth and silky.


Norwegian Forest

Photo of the face of the norwegian forest cat.

The Norwegian Forest Cat draws attention for its large size, abundant and long fur, with which it copes with the extreme cold of the place where it comes from. It is also notable for being one of the oldest cat breeds. They love to climb, run and play.


British (long and short hair)

British cat face photo.

Large, calm and playful. The British cat is excellent to live with family or with people living alone. The original is short-haired, but after the wars, there were few left and they made crosses so that it does not become extinct, from which the long-haired one was born.


Devon Rex

Devon rex cat face photo.

The curly or wavy coat, as well as its small head and large triangular ears, make it very peculiar and distinctive. The Devon Rex is a very affectionate and sociable cat, it is recommended for families with children, and they easily adapt to living with other pets.


Khao Manee

Khao Manee cat face photo.

The feature that makes him particular is his beautiful and absolutely white fur, disparate colored eyes, with an elegant and muscular body. Khao Manee cats are calm and sociable. They tend to generate a very strong bond with the family.



Persian cat photo.

They are medium to large in size with a lot of fur, a wide flattened nose. They are usually calm and like to sleep for many hours. The Persian is a recommended cat for families with children and has no problems relating to other pets.



Photo of the Sphynx cat or Sphinx cat.

The Sphynx is known worldwide for its lack of fur, the product of a natural genetic mutation. His famous characteristic makes him sensitive to the sun, his appetite is voracious due to his accelerated metabolism. It is an intelligent, sociable cat, and demands a lot of affection.


go turkish

Photo of the Turkish Van cat.

Turkish Vans are large, muscular cats with an elegant appearance. They love water, they are intelligent and playful. Due to its rough play, it is not recommended for families with very young children. With semi-long hair, created in the United Kingdom with the selection of specimens obtained from Turkey.