american bobtail

American bobtail cat face

The American Bobtail has a short tail and is an unusual kitten. It has a large size and a wide variety of colors. They are very intelligent and bold, also active, but not restless or destructive, ideal for all types of families with or without pets.


Japanese Bobtail (short and long hair)

Photo of the face of the short-tailed Japanese Bobtail cat.

Striking in appearance due to its short, pompom-shaped tail. It emits melodic sounds with which the Japanese Bobtail interacts with its owners. The long-haired one has abundant and extensive fur, which is wavy at the tip, and the short-haired one is smooth and silky.


Norwegian Forest

Photo of the face of the norwegian forest cat.

The Norwegian Forest Cat draws attention for its large size, abundant and long fur, with which it copes with the extreme cold of the place where it comes from. It is also notable for being one of the oldest cat breeds. They love to climb, run and play.


British (long and short hair)

British cat face photo.

Large, calm and playful. The British cat is excellent to live with family or with people living alone. The original is short-haired, but after the wars, there were few left and they made crosses so that it does not become extinct, from which the long-haired one was born.


American Curl (short and long hair)

American Curl cat face photo.

Striking for their curved ears (their distinctive mark). They are affectionate, cuddly and attached. The American Curl cat is in good health and does not suffer from congenital diseases, although when grooming itself with semi-long hair, it can generate the presence of hairballs in the digestive tract.



Cymric short-tailed cat face photo.

Its peculiarity is the total or partial absence of its tail, it can measure just three centimeters, even less or not at all, in addition its back is curved, due to the same mutation that malforms its spine. Cymric cats are very intelligent, sociable and affectionate.



Himalayan cat face photo.

The Himalayan cat arises thanks to the crossing of the Siamese with the Persian. From this cross he inherits the personality and its beautiful physical characteristics. It is attractive, for its elegance and beauty, as well as for its tranquility and docility. Ideal for older people or people who live alone.


Javanese (Oriental Longhair)

Face photo of oriental longhair cat, also called Javanese cat.

The Javanese, also called (oriental long-haired cat), is the product of an accidental cross between the oriental short-haired cat and the Balinese. Their physical structure has several differences in their complexion, although in turn, they are very similar in character and temperament.



Kinkalow cat face photo

The Kinkalow cat is a hybrid of the cross between the Munchkin, from which it inherited its short legs, and the American Curl, from which it received its particularly curved ears. Due to the appearance of this and in relation to its rounded face, many compare it to a small tiger.


Minuet (Napoleon)

Photo of the Minuet Cat or short-legged Napoleon Cat.

Thanks to the crossing of the Persian with the munchkin, we find the recent Minuet cat (Napoleon), inheriting the particular face of the Persian, and the short legs of the munchkin. It could be said that he presents dwarfism (achondroplasia).



Munchkin Cat Face Photo

The Munchkin also called dwarf cat, arose thanks to a natural mutation, giving it short legs and a small size, this condition did not affect their motor skills, since they are very agile and fast like any other. Very affectionate and sociable, ideal for all types of families.



Photo of the Nebelung Cat.

The Nebelung arises as a result of the selective crossing of the "American Longhair" and the "Russian Blue". They are ideal to live with almost all types of families, as well as with other pets. They do not usually get along very well with children.


New Masquerade

Photo of the Neva Masquerade Cat.

It has its origin in Russia. The Neva Masquerade cat is the point version of the Siberian kitten. With blue eyes, medium to large size and abundant fur, which gives it an imposing appearance. Its robust and firm appearance also gives it a unique elegance.



Persian cat photo.

They are medium to large in size with a lot of fur, a wide flattened nose. They are usually calm and like to sleep for many hours. The Persian is a recommended cat for families with children and has no problems relating to other pets.



Pixie bob cat photo

The Pixie Bob is a striking and large cat, its most notable feature is the Bobbes tail (short), and its legs with more fingers than normal (poly dactyls). It has its version of long hair and short hair, the only difference is visual. They are very sociable even with strangers.



Ragdoll cat photography.

The Ragdoll is ideal for families with children or older adults. Docile for others and very calm, they are also active and like to play. They cannot be without their owners or company for many hours. Thanks to selective breeding between Angoras, Sacred Burmese and Siamese, we have this kitten.


ural rex

Ural Rex cat photography.

The Ural Rex has a coat that could be described as "curly waves," which gives it an unusual velvety appearance. It differs from other rex cats and is not related to them. He is not well known outside his home country, but he is sociable and affectionate, a good fit for most households.