British (long and short hair)

British cat face photo.

Large, calm and playful. The British cat is excellent to live with family or with people living alone. The original is short-haired, but after the wars, there were few left and they made crosses so that it does not become extinct, from which the long-haired one was born.



Burmese Cat Face Photo

The Origin of the Burmese cat is between the borders of Burma and Thailand, it also shares many similarities with the Siamese, such as traits and personality, but with its flatter face, the eyes are slightly separated and the fur varies within the shades of the Brown.


European Burmese

Photo of the face of the European Burmese cat.

The European Burmese cat emerges as a variant of the "traditional Burmese". The most notable differences are found in its head, heavier and more muscular body, and some similarities in terms of temperament. They are very cuddly and playful. They adapt to any type of family and cannot stand being alone for a long time.


Devon Rex

Devon rex cat face photo.

The curly or wavy coat, as well as its small head and large triangular ears, make it very peculiar and distinctive. The Devon Rex is a very affectionate and sociable cat, it is recommended for families with children, and they easily adapt to living with other pets.



Photo of the face of the Exotic Cat, the Garfield of real life.

Short-haired and very active, he has the physical complexion of a Persian. The Exotic cat has a docile and calm temperament, but cannot bear to be alone, for this reason, it constantly seeks to be in contact with its owners and attract their attention.



Himalayan cat face photo.

The Himalayan cat arises thanks to the crossing of the Siamese with the Persian. From this cross he inherits the personality and its beautiful physical characteristics. It is attractive, for its elegance and beauty, as well as for its tranquility and docility. Ideal for older people or people who live alone.



Persian cat photo.

They are medium to large in size with a lot of fur, a wide flattened nose. They are usually calm and like to sleep for many hours. The Persian is a recommended cat for families with children and has no problems relating to other pets.