American Curl (short and long hair)

American Curl cat face photo.

Striking for their curved ears (their distinctive mark). They are affectionate, cuddly and attached. The American Curl cat is in good health and does not suffer from congenital diseases, although when grooming itself with semi-long hair, it can generate the presence of hairballs in the digestive tract.



Dwelf cat photo

The Dwelf cat has a good character and temperament. It has three main physical characteristics that come from its crosses, which give it a striking and at the same time distinctive appearance. He is bald like the Sphynx, dwarf like the Munchkin, and has curved ears like the American Curl.



Elf cat photo.

The elf cat is slim and muscular, its main characteristics are: the absence of fur and large ears with a special shape, that is, folded and reclined. It is the product of the selective crossing of the Sphynx from which it inherited its baldness and the American Curl with its arched ears.



Kinkalow cat face photo

The Kinkalow cat is a hybrid of the cross between the Munchkin, from which it inherited its short legs, and the American Curl, from which it received its particularly curved ears. Due to the appearance of this and in relation to its rounded face, many compare it to a small tiger.


ukrainian levkoy

Ukrainian Levkoy cat

Its distinctive or most striking features are its large ears folded inward, also the absence of fur. The Ukrainian Levkoy is a fairly new breed of cat and is currently only recognized by feline entities in Ukraine and Russia.


Scottish Fold

Photo of the Scottish Fold cat.

The Scottish Fold is a very affectionate, sweet and sociable kitten. As a main characteristic we highlight its small ears bent forward, together with its rounded head, giving it a very tender appearance. They get along amazing with all kinds of families that have children or with older people.