American Wirehair (rough hair)

Photo of american wirehair cat

The American Wirehair (rough hair) has a striking and extraordinary coat, this being rough and hard, unique among all felines. They are curious, affectionate and sweet cats. Ideal for all types of people or families with or without pets.


Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cat face photo.

The Cornish Rex cat has a unique appearance thanks to its short, wavy coat, as well as its large eyes. He is affectionate with his owners, and ideal for families with children, since he likes to play a lot. He does not tolerate spending many hours without company.


Devon Rex

Devon rex cat face photo.

The curly or wavy coat, as well as its small head and large triangular ears, make it very peculiar and distinctive. The Devon Rex is a very affectionate and sociable cat, it is recommended for families with children, and they easily adapt to living with other pets.


German Rex

Photo of the face of the German Rex Cat, or German Rex cat.

It is the oldest of the "Rex" cats with curly hair. Due to its posture, it usually appears larger, but its size is medium to small. They are very social, and love to spend a lot of time with their owners. The German Rex will need wide spaces, since it likes to climb and jump.



Lambkin cat.

The Lambkin is born thanks to the crossing of the Munchkin from which it inherited its short legs and the Rex Selkirk, from which it obtained the fur and its passive and affectionate temperament. It has the appearance of a lamb, due to its abundant curly fur.


LaPerm (short and long hair)

Laperm Cat Face Photo

The LaPerm in its two versions (short and long hair) we can find curly or wavy fur, being the characteristic feature. They are playful cats, ideal for families with children. They usually demand a lot of attention from their owners, they love caresses and pampering.


Selkirk Rex (short and long hair)

Selkirk Rex cat photo.

Its main feature is the incredible wavy fur, which can be long or short. The Selkirk Rex results from the cross between a cat with curly hair and a Persian. They are calm, cuddly and playful, being ideal for families with children or for older adults. They adapt to any type of housing.


ural rex

Ural Rex cat photography.

The Ural Rex has a coat that could be described as "curly waves," which gives it an unusual velvety appearance. It differs from other rex cats and is not related to them. He is not well known outside his home country, but he is sociable and affectionate, a good fit for most households.