Altai Blue Eyes

Altai cat blue eyes

The blue-eyed Altai is a breed of cat that has been known for a few years and has been gaining a lot of notoriety, thanks to its particular blue eyes and variety of colors in its fur, such as tabby or black, among others, which are difference from the typical white pussycats or the point pattern.



Balinese cat face photo

The Balinese cat has a great resemblance to the Siamese, but with semi-long fur and is less noisy. Agile, playful and observant. It emits different meows to attract the attention of its master. They usually choose a member of the family as their favorite, and accompany them around the house.


Colorpoint Shorthair

Photo of short-haired colorpoint cat's face.

It is more muscular and almost identical to the Siamese, but the Colorpoint Shorthair cat includes 16 coat colors. It constantly seeks to attract attention with its vocalizations, which increase during the mating season. They are very intelligent and affectionate.



Himalayan cat face photo.

The Himalayan cat arises thanks to the crossing of the Siamese with the Persian. From this cross he inherits the personality and its beautiful physical characteristics. It is attractive, for its elegance and beauty, as well as for its tranquility and docility. Ideal for older people or people who live alone.


mekong bobtail

Image of the Mekong Bobtail cat.

The Mekong Bobtail has a sleek, slim and slender body. The characteristic feature is its short tail of no more than 3 vertebrae, with curvatures that give the tail a unique characteristic. They have a dog-like personality by forming strong bonds with their owners and being loyal to them.


New Masquerade

Photo of the Neva Masquerade Cat.

It has its origin in Russia. The Neva Masquerade cat is the point version of the Siberian kitten. With blue eyes, medium to large size and abundant fur, which gives it an imposing appearance. Its robust and firm appearance also gives it a unique elegance.



Ragdoll cat photography.

The Ragdoll is ideal for families with children or older adults. Docile for others and very calm, they are also active and like to play. They cannot be without their owners or company for many hours. Thanks to selective breeding between Angoras, Sacred Burmese and Siamese, we have this kitten.


Holy of Burma (Burmese)

Photo of the Sacred cat of Burma or Burmese cat.

Strong presence and semi-long hair. It has light color, but with areas in dark tones, white gloves and blue eyes. The Sacred of Burma (Burmese) is tender, sociable and active, ideal for families with children and pets. He likes to play, but when he is tired he will go away to rest.



Photo of the modern Siamese Cat.

The Siamese cat has an elongated and stylized appearance. They are very active, curious and playful, ideal for the family. It should be taken into account that it is very meowing, its cries being more powerful in mating season, which is why we will live with its constant meowing.



Image of Snowshoe cat.

The Snowshoe arises from the cross between the American shorthair and the Siamese, bringing together, on the one hand, the robustness of the American shorthair and, on the other, the elongated body, the triangular head, and the blue eyes of the Siamese cat.



Photo of the Thai cat, or traditional or ancient Siamese.

Originally from Thailand. The Thai is an ancient breed of cat that is similar in appearance to, but distinct from, the modern, Western Siamese. Rounded, with a compact body, elongated eyes, and a shorter tail. He is sociable, cheerful and very affectionate, demanding a lot of attention. Very active and great meower.



Photo of the Tonkinese cat or golden Siamese cat.

The Tonkinese cat is a balanced version thanks to the cross from which it descends, with a stable temperament, an appearance similar to the Burmese and the particular meows of the Siamese. They are sociable and playful, recommended for all types of families and get along well with other pets.