The modern Siamese differs from the traditional Siamese called (thai cat) due to its more elongated, stylized appearance and its wedge-shaped head, that is, its flatter forehead and its triangular head with an elongated nose. In terms of personality they are very similar.

The modern Siamese cat is very active, curious and playful, it is an ideal cat to live with the family, but it must be borne in mind that it is a great meower, reaching its peak in times of heat, so it is necessary to get used to living together with the constant meow that it emits to communicate.

Photograph of the face of the Siamese cat.
  • Scientific name: happy catus
  • Other names: Siamese, siamese cat.
  • Country of origin: Thailand.
  • Recognized by: FIFe – CFA – TICA – WCF.
  • Size: Medium.
  • Eye color: Blue.
  • Weight: Between 2.5 and 5.5 kilos.
  • Character: Active, curious, intelligent, communicative and affectionate.
  • Exercise: High.
  • Troublemaker: Noisy.
  • Cleanliness: Little bit.
  • Fur loss: Little bit.
  • Life expectancy: 18 to 20 years.

♦ Origin:

The Siamese is a breed of cat whose origin dates back to the ancient kingdom of Siam, present-day Thailand. The first records date from the year 1350, where they were raised in temples and in high society families. It was considered a sacred animal, which could receive the spirit of a deceased person and take it to paradise.

In the year 1880 they were admitted to England and in 1890 to the United States. They were known as oriental cats, until in the year 1920 they began to call it Siamese cat.

It is one of the best-known breeds of cats in the world, as well as one of the most recognized by different feline associations, including FIFe, WCF, CFA, TICA, among others.


Image of the modern Siamese kitten.

♦ Physical characteristics:

They are of medium size, elegant, slender, slim, supple and well muscled. As for its fur, it has a lighter tone on the lower body part, while on the face, ears, and tail, it is a much darker tone.

Siamese »


  • Torso: It is long and tubular. The bone structure is fine and delicate.
  • Paws: Long, slender legs. Feet small and oval.
  • Tail: Long, and narrows at the tip. Whip shaped.
  • Musculature: Well developed and firm.
Siamese »


  • Structure: Medium and triangular.
  • Ears: They are large, with a wide base and end in a point. They are separated from each other.
  • Eyes: Medium in size, oblique and almond-shaped.
  • Nose or snout: Fine, with a firm chin and in a straight line with the tip of the nose. Long and straight nose.
Siamese »


  • Guy: Short and attached to the body. It is shiny, smooth and fine.
  • Pattern: Dotted or pointed.
  • Colors: White, Seal point, (dark brown), Chocolate point (light brown), Cream point (light orange or cream), Blue point (dark grey), Red point (dark orange), Lilac point (light grey), Cinnamon or cinnamon , fawn or fawn.

♦ Personality:

Modern Siamese cats are outgoing, affectionate, sociable, and highly inquisitive. They like to sleep a lot and explore every corner of the house. They can't stand loneliness, so they hate being left alone at home.

One characteristic to take into account is that they are prolific on the sexual level and that they have a very loud meow, especially the females in the mating season, and the males in search of them. His cry is very sharp, and some liken it to the cry of a baby.

♦ Domestic behavior:

He is loyal to his owners, active, energetic and playful.

It is an ideal pet for children and adults, who enjoys interaction with the human family. Being a very territorial breed, it will have a difficult time adjusting to a new home in the event of a move.

Photo of the Siamese cat, showing its style.

♦ Health:

It must be borne in mind that the Siamese cat can develop strabismus, that is, an alteration of the optic nerve produced by the Cs gene. Also knots in the tail, due to an alteration in the cartilage of the sternum.

Some cases of mammary carcinoma and hydrocephalus have been detected, a disorder that involves excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain.

♦ Nutrition:

You have to feed him 3 to 4 times a day, and provide him with a nutrient-based diet.

♦ Breeding:

The litters are very numerous. Siamese kittens are completely white when they are born, this is because they were kept warm in the womb, since the thermal gene that gives them their dark coloration develops after birth. They quickly reach sexual maturity unlike other cat breeds.

♦ Toilet:

As it has short hair, it requires little care, a brushing a week will suffice to avoid the accumulation of dead hair.

♦ Curiosities of the Siamese:

The Siamese is a communicative cat breed, it usually emits different sounds and with them it tries to communicate a wide variety of emotions. Some owners even claim to be able to understand them.
Another curiosity of the Siamese cat is that they have five toes on the front feet and four on the back.

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