Javanese (Oriental Longhair)

The Javanese cat breed, also called "long-haired Oriental cat", was obtained thanks to the crossing of the Oriental with the Balinese cat. Physically they have several differences in their complexion, but they are similar in character and temperament.

Photo of the Javanese cat's face.
  • Scientific name: felis catus.
  • Other names: Long-haired Oriental, Mandarin, Javanese.
  • Country of origin: Thailand.
  • Recognized by: FIFe – TICA – CFA – WCF.
  • Size: Medium.
  • Eye color: Green.
  • Weight: Between 3 and 6 kilos.
  • Character: Demanding, sociable and temperamental.
  • Exercise: High.
  • Troublemaker: Moderate.
  • Cleanliness: Moderate.
  • Fur loss: Moderate.
  • Life expectancy: 10 to 14 years.

♦ Origin:

The Javanese or Oriental cat with long hair, is a native of Thailand, it arose in the 80s, as a consequence of the accidental cross between the balinese cat and the cat oriental shorthair.

The Javanese obtained official recognition by FIFe and TICA (The International Cat Association) in 1985. In 1988 by the CFA.

In 1996 both specimens (shorthair and longhair) were combined in a single division into a single Oriental breed. Later he obtained recognition by more feline entities.


Image of the oriental long-haired or Javanese cat.

♦ Physical characteristics:

The Javanese cat is slender, has a tubular-shaped body and marked musculature. Its distinctive physical characteristics are its triangular face, its large pointed ears and its semi-long fur.

Javanese (Oriental Longhair) »


  • Torso: Tube and thin. Shoulders and hips of the same width.
  • Paws: His legs are long and thin. Feet oval and small.
  • Tail: Very long, whip-shaped, thin and pointed.
  • Musculature: Fibrous.
Javanese (Oriental Longhair) »


  • Structure: Medium and triangular in shape.
  • Ears: Large to extra large and pointy.
  • Eyes: Medium in size, almond shaped. Neither sunken nor protruding.
  • Snout or snout: Long and straight nose.
Javanese (Oriental Longhair) »


  • Guy: Semi long or long. Fine and silky.
  • Pattern: Solid, brindle, tortoiseshell, silver and smoke spots, as well as particolors or spotted with white.
  • Colors: All color varieties are accepted.

♦ Personality:

It is characterized by being demanding, demanding and temperamental, it seeks to be the center of all eyes and caresses, and will try to capture the attention of whoever is in its care. It requires spending time daily with its owners, although at the same time it can spend several hours a day alone at home. He is faithful to his master, very sociable and always willing to play. It is a very active and agile cat, who likes to climb and jump.

The Javanese cat is a great vocalizer, it uses it to communicate and attract the attention of its owners.

♦ Domestic behavior:

The Javanese is an affectionate and very sociable cat, so it can perfectly coexist with other pets. It is an ideal cat to be in families with children due to its playful nature.

It adapts to living in houses or apartments, but it is important to take it out to play outside. In the case that we have an apartment, leave some empty shelves so that it can climb, since it is a very athletic and curious cat that is always alert, trying to be aware of what is happening in its house.

Photo of the long-haired Javanese cat.

♦ Health:

Due to its long fur, it can suffer from hairballs in the digestive system, which are easy to treat after visiting the vet. Also, as it is a breed that is the product of a cross with the Oriental cat, it is likely that it will show strabismus at some point in its life, thanks to the presence of the cs gene. There is no need to worry about this congenital alteration of the optic nerve, but if it appears during the course of his life, an urgent consultation with the veterinarian is necessary.

♦ Nutrition:

Nutrient-dense diet. Care must be taken with the food supplied to him because he loves to eat and may develop obesity.

♦ Breeding:

Kittens can be born with green, yellowish-green, or yellow eyes. But the final eye color will be revealed when they are one year old, which will be green in their adulthood.

♦ Toilet:

For the maintenance of its fur it is advisable to brush several times a week. During the molting season, this action must be repeated more regularly, if possible every day.

♦ Javanese curiosities:

The Javanese has a short-haired version, called oriental cat, with which he has some differences in his physical complexion, apart from the length of his fur.

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