International Cat Day

International Cat Day

Did you know that there is International Cat Day?

It is a day to honor our beloved companions. But a single day is not enough to entertain our cats, which is why there are several days during the year dedicated to them. The cat is the only animal that celebrates its day twice a year.

1- The first celebration of the year is on February 20. Its purpose is to promote adoption and provide a home for stray animals.

This day was established, in homage to Socks, Bill Clinton's cat (former president of the United States) who suffered from cancer and was euthanized on February 20, 2009. It was a very popular cat since 1993, since it appeared in the presidential room during press events.

Socks, Bill Clinton's cat - International Cat Day

2- On August 8, the "International Cat Day" is celebrated. This date was set in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The choice of this month is due to the fact that it is the time of greatest fertility in the northern hemisphere.

What is sought, in addition to promoting the adoption of homeless cats, is to raise awareness about the importance of sterilizing animals to avoid overpopulation and abandonment.

In the United States, they have a third date, October 29, on which National Cat Day is celebrated. This was a proposal from an expert in cat behavior, who wanted to raise awareness about the number of cats abandoned on the streets of cities.

How to celebrate International Cat Day

International cat day

Although it is a day to celebrate and pamper our faithful cat companions more. It is a day to reflect on homeless cats and the possibility of giving them a family.

That's why if you have a cat, spend some time with your pet, play with it, caress it, it's something that fascinates them. But if you don't have a cat and would like to have one, you can find out about places where you can adopt a kitten that needs a family.

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