At what age can a cat be bathed? Tips

Bathing a cat Tips

A question that generates uncertainty is, at what age can we start bathing our pussycat? In this article you will find useful information and advice so that your friend feels comfortable, does not reject water and can repeat the bathing experience with pleasure.


Do cats change their teeth? Do they have baby teeth?

Do cats change their teeth? Do cats have baby teeth?

When they are born they do not have teeth so as not to hurt their mother when they are suckled, but quickly after weeks of life they begin to develop their first milk teeth, these being provisional, they fall out later to give way to the growth of the definitive teeth of adult.


10 most common diseases in cats

10 most common diseases in cats.

It is important that if you recognize any symptoms in your kitten when you read the following note, consult your veterinarian. But most importantly, keep your pet healthy, regularly see a veterinarian, and keep your cat's vaccination booklet up to date.


Castration of Cats and differences with Sterilize

Photo of a cat. Castration of cats and differences with sterilizing.

It is essential that we are well informed and seek advice from a veterinarian. Spaying is not the same as neutering a pet. Both have the same goal and prevent unwanted pregnancy. In castration there is an absence of sexual activity, while in sterilization sexual behavior is maintained.


Heat, Gestation and Birth of a Cat

Photo of a cat in heat, for gestation and childbirth.

If you have a kitten, you may be wondering about when she becomes sexually mature and can therefore become pregnant. Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the subject, from the period of heat of a cat to the weaning of her puppies.


Tips on feeding your cat

Food in cats.

Being a carnivorous animal, its metabolism needs to ingest large amounts of protein and fat of animal origin (meat and fish). The amount will depend on the age, size and weight of your cat. Therefore, we recommend that you read the entire note.


Caring for a Baby Kitten

Photography for the post of the care of a baby kitten.

Puppies can be separated from their mother and littermates when they are weaned, that is, 6 to 7 weeks of age. Kittens, like human babies, require lots of attention, vet visits, good food, and early socialization with people.


La piel y el pelo de los gatos


La observación de la piel y el pelo de un gato ayuda a identificar problemas de salud temprano y garantizar que el gato esté en su mejor forma. Algunas cosas a considerar al evaluar a tu gatito en el siguiente articulo.


Cleaning and hygiene of your cat

Cleaning and hygiene of your cat

Cats are one of the cleanest pets, because they manage to remove dirt from their bodies with their tongues several times a day. But it is important that we also help with your cleaning and implement a routine to further benefit your health. The activities we suggest are the following:


Vaccination Plan for Cats

Vaccination plan for cats

Cats also need vaccinations that provide them with antibodies to treat the various diseases they can contract. If not vaccinated, these conditions can have serious consequences or even the death of our kitten. Following a vaccination plan, we will prepare your immune system.


My Cat's First Day at Home

My Cat's First Day at Home

it can lead to uncertainty about how you will adjust and what to do to get you comfortable quickly.
Keep in mind that cats are routine animals and arriving in a new house, with new people, strange smells and unknown places, can trigger the animal's stress.


Types of cat litter

Types of cat litter.

Cats prefer consistent and significantly clumped litter made from very little granular material (like litter). Kitties don't like citrus or lavender-type scents, and since most of these litters are synthetic, we recommend you read on.


Types of parasites in cats: internal and external

Types of parasites in cats: internal and external

There are many internal and external parasites that can infest your pet. It is important to know them in order to be able to treat them as soon as possible and that it does not further affect the health of our feline or ours. In the following and very complete article we will tell you everything you need to know to detect and treat them.


How to choose a good veterinarian?

Photo of a veterinarian next to a cat. Tips for choosing a good veterinarian. The perfect vet.

Our cat is not just another member of our family, that is why we give it the necessary care to keep it healthy and happy. To maximize what we do every day for our pet, we need to have the support of a professional and trained veterinarian to turn to when our kitten needs it.


Hygiene and Health of your Cat

In this category you will find information on health, cleaning and hygiene, care and feeding of cats.

Cat Health and Care

We will inform you about the basic care to keep your kitten healthy and happy. For example, we will tell you about the 10 most common diseases in cats: allergies, conjunctivitis, otitis, feline immunodeficiency, kidney failure, feline leukemia, feline leukopenia pan, infectious peritonitis, ringworm and gastrointestinal disorders.

To deal with some of these diseases we will provide you with what you need to know about the vaccination plan for cats, with the vaccines to be applied according to the age of the cat (trivalent, leukemia, anti-rabies) so that it can have the necessary antibodies to combat the different feline diseases that can affect the health of your cat.

When your cat reaches sexual maturity (generally around 5 or 6 months of age) her reproductive phase begins and with it many doubts and questions about what will happen when she becomes a mother.

In this section we will provide answers to several questions that you will be asking yourself: what is the mating period like?, What phases does it include?, how is the pregnancy of the cat?, how long is gestation?, What are the symptoms of a pregnant cat?How do I know when the time has come to give birth?

After childbirth it is important to have advice on caring for baby kittens and we will provide it to you. We will tell you how is the breastfeeding of kittens, when weaning occurs, when they need their first vaccine, which is the most common condition in baby kittens.

Also about the proper diet that it requires after weaning and the importance of early socialization with its human family and with other cats or pets.


A factor that indicates the good health of a cat is the cleanliness and hygiene, so here you will find advice on proper cleaning and hygiene of these cats. Although cats groom themselves several times a day to stay clean, it is advisable to collaborate with a hygiene routine, which includes: brushing their fur, bathing, cleaning their eyes, ears, dental hygiene, nail care, among others. .

Cleaning litter trays is also part of good hygiene. Here you will find useful tips and information on the types of cat litter, so that you can choose the right one for your cat and get him used to using his litter tray.


A well-fed cat is a cat in good health. So we will give you advice on their diet, as well as types of cat food (dry, wet, homemade and human).