The Abyssinian cat.

The Abyssinian is an elegant, medium-sized cat with well-defined muscles and short fur. They highlight their agility, intelligence and need for affection from their owners. It is very active and needs high spaces to climb. It integrates families with dogs but not so much with another feline.



Aegean Cat (Aegean Cat)

The Aegean is one of the oldest cats in the world. It originates in Greece and is the product of natural crossing and without human intervention. They are medium in size, very sociable and affectionate. Recommended for all types of families and where possible homes with large spaces.


Giant Aphrodite (Short and semi-long hair)

The giant aphrodite cat. Aphrodite Giant.

The Giant Aphrodite, or Mountain Giant, is one of the largest and oldest cat breeds in the world. They originated naturally in Cyprus. They are very affectionate and elegant. Being so sociable and demanding, it is not recommended to leave it alone or without the company of another pet.


Altai Blue Eyes

Altai cat blue eyes

The blue-eyed Altai is a breed of cat that has been known for a few years and has been gaining a lot of notoriety, thanks to its particular blue eyes and variety of colors in its fur, such as tabby or black, among others, which are difference from the typical white pussycats or the point pattern.


American Wirehair (rough hair)

Photo of american wirehair cat

The American Wirehair (rough hair) has a striking and extraordinary coat, this being rough and hard, unique among all felines. They are curious, affectionate and sweet cats. Ideal for all types of people or families with or without pets.


american shorthair

American shorthair cat face photo.

The American Shorthair is one of the most popular cats chosen by families in the United States, with a wide variety of colors and shades. They have no problem being left alone, they are docile and independent, also very affectionate and cuddly with their owners.


Anatoli (Turkish Shorthair)

Anatoli cat breed. Also known as Turkish shorthair cat.

The Anatoli is a cat of Turkish origin. They are robust kittens and are usually medium to large in size. They are very active and affectionate with their owners. It is recommended for all types of families with and without pets, including dogs. They tend to live longer than the rest of the cat breeds.


turkish mohair

Turkish angora cat face photo.

The Turkish Angora stands out for its athletic figure and elegance. They are companions and faithful to their owners, from whom they constantly demand attention. They come from Ankara, Turkey. Compared to other cats, and with the necessary care, they are long-lived, that is, they can live for many years.


russian blue

Image of the face of the Russian Blue cat.

Blue-grey, silver and silky fur, with striking green eyes. The Russian Blue cat is intelligent, athletic, funny and very affectionate. It should be taken into account that he does not like changes in his routines, nor being with unknown people.



Balinese cat face photo

The Balinese cat has a great resemblance to the Siamese, but with semi-long fur and is less noisy. Agile, playful and observant. It emits different meows to attract the attention of its master. They usually choose a member of the family as their favorite, and accompany them around the house.



baby cat face

Bambinos are a relatively new breed of cat, with a very striking presence, quite similar to the Sphynx in personality and appearance, as it is bald, but with the exception of short legs like the Munchkin.



Bengal cat face photo.

The Bengali has the appearance of a miniature Jaguar (Yaguareté) or leopard. It is the result of the cross between a domestic cat and a wild cat. Therefore, it preserves the wild spirit of its jungle ancestor, as well as the calm and affection of a domestic one.


american bobtail

American bobtail cat face

The American Bobtail has a short tail and is an unusual kitten. It has a large size and a wide variety of colors. They are very intelligent and bold, also active, but not restless or destructive, ideal for all types of families with or without pets.


Japanese Bobtail (short and long hair)

Photo of the face of the short-tailed Japanese Bobtail cat.

Striking in appearance due to its short, pompom-shaped tail. It emits melodic sounds with which the Japanese Bobtail interacts with its owners. The long-haired one has abundant and extensive fur, which is wavy at the tip, and the short-haired one is smooth and silky.



Bombay Cat Face Photo

It is also often called "black panther", due to its great resemblance to this type of feline (completely black with coppery eyes). The Bombay cat has a sociable, sweet and affectionate character. Ideal for all types of families with or without pets.


Norwegian Forest

Photo of the face of the norwegian forest cat.

The Norwegian Forest Cat draws attention for its large size, abundant and long fur, with which it copes with the extreme cold of the place where it comes from. It is also notable for being one of the oldest cat breeds. They love to climb, run and play.


British (long and short hair)

British cat face photo.

Large, calm and playful. The British cat is excellent to live with family or with people living alone. The original is short-haired, but after the wars, there were few left and they made crosses so that it does not become extinct, from which the long-haired one was born.



Burmese Cat Face Photo

The Origin of the Burmese cat is between the borders of Burma and Thailand, it also shares many similarities with the Siamese, such as traits and personality, but with its flatter face, the eyes are slightly separated and the fur varies within the shades of the Brown.


European Burmese

Photo of the face of the European Burmese cat.

The European Burmese cat emerges as a variant of the "traditional Burmese". The most notable differences are found in its head, heavier and more muscular body, and some similarities in terms of temperament. They are very cuddly and playful. They adapt to any type of family and cannot stand being alone for a long time.



Burmilla cat face photo

Recognized for his distinctive "makeup" that stands out on his eyes, nose and lips. Also for its distinctive shiny and platinum coat. The Burmilla cat is ideal for families with children as they are very sociable and like to play with them.



Chartreux cat face photo.

The expression on his face draws a constant smile on his face, the blue fur in all its shades and his beautiful copper-colored eyes, giving him a unique characteristic, make the Chartreux one of the most striking cat breeds in France.



Chausie cat face photo

It is a hybrid between a wild cat and a domestic cat. The Chausie retains similarities of both. They are very active, so they will need large, open spaces to discharge their enormous energy. Ideal for people who live alone and are looking for a faithful pet.


Colorpoint Shorthair

Photo of short-haired colorpoint cat's face.

It is more muscular and almost identical to the Siamese, but the Colorpoint Shorthair cat includes 16 coat colors. It constantly seeks to attract attention with its vocalizations, which increase during the mating season. They are very intelligent and affectionate.


Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cat face photo.

The Cornish Rex cat has a unique appearance thanks to its short, wavy coat, as well as its large eyes. He is affectionate with his owners, and ideal for families with children, since he likes to play a lot. He does not tolerate spending many hours without company.


American Curl (short and long hair)

American Curl cat face photo.

Striking for their curved ears (their distinctive mark). They are affectionate, cuddly and attached. The American Curl cat is in good health and does not suffer from congenital diseases, although when grooming itself with semi-long hair, it can generate the presence of hairballs in the digestive tract.



Cymric short-tailed cat face photo.

Its peculiarity is the total or partial absence of its tail, it can measure just three centimeters, even less or not at all, in addition its back is curved, due to the same mutation that malforms its spine. Cymric cats are very intelligent, sociable and affectionate.


Devon Rex

Devon rex cat face photo.

The curly or wavy coat, as well as its small head and large triangular ears, make it very peculiar and distinctive. The Devon Rex is a very affectionate and sociable cat, it is recommended for families with children, and they easily adapt to living with other pets.


Don Sphynx (Donskoy)

Photo of the face of the Don Sphynx or Donskoy cat.

Of the hairless cats, it is one of the most recognized. Its origin is Russia. The Don Sphynx (Donskoy) is usually sociable and calm. They are ideal for families with children, which is why they are recommended, as well as because they adapt to other pets.



Dwelf cat photo

The Dwelf cat has a good character and temperament. It has three main physical characteristics that come from its crosses, which give it a striking and at the same time distinctive appearance. He is bald like the Sphynx, dwarf like the Munchkin, and has curved ears like the American Curl.



Elf cat photo.

The elf cat is slim and muscular, its main characteristics are: the absence of fur and large ears with a special shape, that is, folded and reclined. It is the product of the selective crossing of the Sphynx from which it inherited its baldness and the American Curl with its arched ears.


European (Celtic Shorthair)

European cat face photo.

The European (Celtic Shorthair) is very common among kittens, for this reason it is called the common European cat. They are usually calm, affectionate, intelligent, independent, clean and territorial. They do not like strangers and are distrustful. They are very prolific.



Photo of the face of the Exotic Cat, the Garfield of real life.

Short-haired and very active, he has the physical complexion of a Persian. The Exotic cat has a docile and calm temperament, but cannot bear to be alone, for this reason, it constantly seeks to be in contact with its owners and attract their attention.


German Rex

Photo of the face of the German Rex Cat, or German Rex cat.

It is the oldest of the "Rex" cats with curly hair. Due to its posture, it usually appears larger, but its size is medium to small. They are very social, and love to spend a lot of time with their owners. The German Rex will need wide spaces, since it likes to climb and jump.



Havana brown cat face photo

Stylized and elegant, the Havana cat draws attention for its beautiful fur in shades of brown, soft and shiny. Product of the crossing of a chocolate Siamese cat with a black domestic cat. They are calm, independent and calm, they usually demand attention and affection.



Himalayan cat face photo.

The Himalayan cat arises thanks to the crossing of the Siamese with the Persian. From this cross he inherits the personality and its beautiful physical characteristics. It is attractive, for its elegance and beauty, as well as for its tranquility and docility. Ideal for older people or people who live alone.


Javanese (Oriental Longhair)

Face photo of oriental longhair cat, also called Javanese cat.

The Javanese, also called (oriental long-haired cat), is the product of an accidental cross between the oriental short-haired cat and the Balinese. Their physical structure has several differences in their complexion, although in turn, they are very similar in character and temperament.


Khao Manee

Khao Manee cat face photo.

The feature that makes him particular is his beautiful and absolutely white fur, disparate colored eyes, with an elegant and muscular body. Khao Manee cats are calm and sociable. They tend to generate a very strong bond with the family.



Kinkalow cat face photo

The Kinkalow cat is a hybrid of the cross between the Munchkin, from which it inherited its short legs, and the American Curl, from which it received its particularly curved ears. Due to the appearance of this and in relation to its rounded face, many compare it to a small tiger.



Cat kohana closeup. head

The Kohana originates from a natural mutation, although genetic studies have shown that it is a variant of the Sphynx breed. The big difference with other hairless species and what makes it unique is that it does not have hair follicles, it is completely bald, with rubbery skin to the touch.



Konja cat - ninlarat

Characteristics of this cat are mentioned in the Tamra Maew, whose coat color is so dark and shiny that it is compared to black onyx gems. The eye color is described as the color of pumpkin blossoms in deep yellow gold.



korat cat face photo

His platinum blue fur with beautiful green eyes enhance his beautiful elegance. The Korat demand attention and are active, in turn they are very intelligent and affectionate with their masters, but not with strangers. It is an ideal cat for older people.


Kurilian Bobtail (short and long hair)

photo of the Kurilian Bobtail.

Its short tail that looks like a pompom is one of its distinctive features. The Kurilian Bobtail cat has two versions, one with short hair and the other with long hair. They both have the same characteristics, the only difference is in their fur. They are very social and intelligent.



Lambkin cat.

The Lambkin is born thanks to the crossing of the Munchkin from which it inherited its short legs and the Rex Selkirk, from which it obtained the fur and its passive and affectionate temperament. It has the appearance of a lamb, due to its abundant curly fur.


LaPerm (short and long hair)

Laperm Cat Face Photo

The LaPerm in its two versions (short and long hair) we can find curly or wavy fur, being the characteristic feature. They are playful cats, ideal for families with children. They usually demand a lot of attention from their owners, they love caresses and pampering.


ukrainian levkoy

Ukrainian Levkoy cat

Its distinctive or most striking features are its large ears folded inward, also the absence of fur. The Ukrainian Levkoy is a fairly new breed of cat and is currently only recognized by feline entities in Ukraine and Russia.



Photo of the Lykoi Cat.

The Lykoi is often called "wolf cat" thanks to its great resemblance to this animal, although there is nothing wild about it, on the contrary, many compare its behavior with that of dogs, they are very playful, affectionate, cuddly and intelligent. They are not genetically related to hairless cat breeds.


Maine Coon

Photo of the Maine Coon Cat.

The Maine Coon is the largest cat breed in the world and one of the first "natural" cats to originate in the United States. Ideal for families with children, because they are very careful when playing and never take out their claws. They usually love the water and it is not strange to see them playing in it. Calm and quiet.



Manx cat photo.

The Manx cat is characterized by its total or partial lack of a tail. The name comes from the name of the Isle of Man, from which it originates. It is recommended for families with children and can also live with other pets, since it is very quiet.


arab mau

Photo of the Arabian Mau cat. Arabian mau cat.

The Arabian Mau is a very active cat, it is recommended that it has ample spaces in the home. They are very affectionate with their master and have a beautiful elegant appearance and in most cases with a characteristic wild look, a product of their ancestor the desert cat.


Egyptian Mau

Photo of the Egyptian Mau Cat.

There are paintings from 4000 years ago where the Egyptian Mau is seen as a company of pharaohs. His green eyes and dark mottled fur, on a light background, make him striking. He is very possessive of his owners, and will demand a lot of attention.


mekong bobtail

Image of the Mekong Bobtail cat.

The Mekong Bobtail has a sleek, slim and slender body. The characteristic feature is its short tail of no more than 3 vertebrae, with curvatures that give the tail a unique characteristic. They have a dog-like personality by forming strong bonds with their owners and being loyal to them.



Minskin Cat Photography

The Minskin cat has short legs and very little hair, it is the product of the cross between the Munchkin and the Sphynx. It appeared in the United States two decades ago. He does not yet have the recognition of feline entities, but he has many admirers around the cat world.


Minuet (Napoleon)

Photo of the Minuet Cat or short-legged Napoleon Cat.

Thanks to the crossing of the Persian with the munchkin, we find the recent Minuet cat (Napoleon), inheriting the particular face of the Persian, and the short legs of the munchkin. It could be said that he presents dwarfism (achondroplasia).


australian mist

Face of the Australian Mist cat, or Australian Mist.

The Australian Mist arises from the crossing of a great variety of short-haired kittens, this gave rise to its dark spots or stripes, giving it this beautiful mist appearance. They have exceptional characteristics, such as being tolerant, calm, sociable and playful.



Munchkin Cat Face Photo

The Munchkin also called dwarf cat, arose thanks to a natural mutation, giving it short legs and a small size, this condition did not affect their motor skills, since they are very agile and fast like any other. Very affectionate and sociable, ideal for all types of families.



Photo of the Nebelung Cat.

The Nebelung arises as a result of the selective crossing of the "American Longhair" and the "Russian Blue". They are ideal to live with almost all types of families, as well as with other pets. They do not usually get along very well with children.


New Masquerade

Photo of the Neva Masquerade Cat.

It has its origin in Russia. The Neva Masquerade cat is the point version of the Siberian kitten. With blue eyes, medium to large size and abundant fur, which gives it an imposing appearance. Its robust and firm appearance also gives it a unique elegance.



Photograph of the Ocicat Cat.

They are conspicuous for their wild appearance. The Ocicat has a strong character and an intense meow inherited from the Siamese. They are affectionate and faithful to their owner, they do not want to be alone without company and it is necessary for them to have someone to play with.



Face photo of oriental shorthair cat

The Oriental cat has a strong character, is usually territorial, temperamental and a great meower, when ignored it gets angry, and will constantly demand attention from its owners to be the center of it. There is also a long-haired specimen called Javanese.



Persian cat photo.

They are medium to large in size with a lot of fur, a wide flattened nose. They are usually calm and like to sleep for many hours. The Persian is a recommended cat for families with children and has no problems relating to other pets.



peterbald cat photo

The Peterbald cat has an elegant appearance, a harmonious body and a firm posture. They are born completely bald, or with very little hair. It comes from Russia, and its name honors the city of Saint Petersburg. They are ideal for all types of families.



Pixie bob cat photo

The Pixie Bob is a striking and large cat, its most notable feature is the Bobbes tail (short), and its legs with more fingers than normal (poly dactyls). It has its version of long hair and short hair, the only difference is visual. They are very sociable even with strangers.



Ragamuffin kitten photo

He is affectionate, calm, and ideal for all types of families with or without children. Ragamuffins are robust, large cats with walnut-shaped eyes and very abundant fur, they also have a wide variety of colors and patterns.



Ragdoll cat photography.

The Ragdoll is ideal for families with children or older adults. Docile for others and very calm, they are also active and like to play. They cannot be without their owners or company for many hours. Thanks to selective breeding between Angoras, Sacred Burmese and Siamese, we have this kitten.


Holy of Burma (Burmese)

Photo of the Sacred cat of Burma or Burmese cat.

Strong presence and semi-long hair. It has light color, but with areas in dark tones, white gloves and blue eyes. The Sacred of Burma (Burmese) is tender, sociable and active, ideal for families with children and pets. He likes to play, but when he is tired he will go away to rest.



Photo of the Savannah Cat.

The Savannah is one of the largest cats in the world. They have a personality and presence that varies according to the generation to which they belong. The closer to its ancestor (the serval), the more wild, suspicious and active it will be. The further away, the more tame and calm.


Scottish Fold

Photo of the Scottish Fold cat.

The Scottish Fold is a very affectionate, sweet and sociable kitten. As a main characteristic we highlight its small ears bent forward, together with its rounded head, giving it a very tender appearance. They get along amazing with all kinds of families that have children or with older people.


Scottish Straight

Scottish Straight Cat Face Photo

Scottish Straights are characterized by being intelligent, sociable and affectionate. Its round head and large eyes give it a very cute appearance. They adapt to any kind of family, and as an important fact, they love children.


Selkirk Rex (short and long hair)

Selkirk Rex cat photo.

Its main feature is the incredible wavy fur, which can be long or short. The Selkirk Rex results from the cross between a cat with curly hair and a Persian. They are calm, cuddly and playful, being ideal for families with children or for older adults. They adapt to any type of housing.



Photo of the face of a Serengeti breed cat.

The Serengeti is the product of the cross between a Bengali and an Oriental. Therefore, the result was a wild-looking feline, but with the docility of a domestic pussycat. Among its main characteristics, its brindle coat is distinguished by brown spots on its brown back, long legs, a long neck, rounded eyes and large ears.



Photo of the modern Siamese Cat.

The Siamese cat has an elongated and stylized appearance. They are very active, curious and playful, ideal for the family. It should be taken into account that it is very meowing, its cries being more powerful in mating season, which is why we will live with its constant meowing.



Siberian cat photo.

Its appearance is imposing, with abundant fur and large size. The Siberian has three layers of hair, to be able to withstand temperatures below zero. They are very sociable with children, adults and other pets. He is very active, he likes to climb and play.



Singapore cat photo.

The Singaporea is one of the smallest cats in the world, with a compact and muscular build, as well as a rounded face and large eyes. They are very sociable, ideal for families with children and/or older adults, due to their calm and playful character.



Image of Snowshoe cat.

The Snowshoe arises from the cross between the American shorthair and the Siamese, bringing together, on the one hand, the robustness of the American shorthair and, on the other, the elongated body, the triangular head, and the blue eyes of the Siamese cat.



Sokoke cat photo.

Its appearance is similar to that of wild cats, but in miniature. The Sokoke cat needs wide spaces in the home, (due to its origin in the forests of Kenya) since it is very active and loves heights. It is not recommended for very small homes without a park.



Somali cat photo.

Somalis are intelligent, sociable cats, very active and do not tolerate loneliness. They play a lot with the family and without problems live with other animals. It is the result of a recessive gene that comes from the Abyssinian, which gives it a semi-long and fluffy coat, from this mutation this feline arises.



Photo of the Sphynx cat or Sphinx cat.

The Sphynx is known worldwide for its lack of fur, the product of a natural genetic mutation. His famous characteristic makes him sensitive to the sun, his appetite is voracious due to his accelerated metabolism. It is an intelligent, sociable cat, and demands a lot of affection.



Photo of the Thai cat, or traditional or ancient Siamese.

Originally from Thailand. The Thai is an ancient breed of cat that is similar in appearance to, but distinct from, the modern, Western Siamese. Rounded, with a compact body, elongated eyes, and a shorter tail. He is sociable, cheerful and very affectionate, demanding a lot of attention. Very active and great meower.



Photo of the Tonkinese cat or golden Siamese cat.

The Tonkinese cat is a balanced version thanks to the cross from which it descends, with a stable temperament, an appearance similar to the Burmese and the particular meows of the Siamese. They are sociable and playful, recommended for all types of families and get along well with other pets.



Toybob cat photo.

Considered one of the smallest cats on the planet, its name refers to a toy (Toy). Of peculiar size and twisted tail. Toybobs can be found in a wide variety of coat colors, as well as short- and semi-long-haired versions.



Toyger cat face photo

The Toyger is a very popular and particular cat, with tabby fur (orange with stripes) and a robust and athletic body, it is similar to wild cats, due to its resemblance to the Tiger with miniature size. Docile, playful and sweet personality. Ideal for all types of families and pets.


ural rex

Ural Rex cat photography.

The Ural Rex has a coat that could be described as "curly waves," which gives it an unusual velvety appearance. It differs from other rex cats and is not related to them. He is not well known outside his home country, but he is sociable and affectionate, a good fit for most households.


go turkish

Photo of the Turkish Van cat.

Turkish Vans are large, muscular cats with an elegant appearance. They love water, they are intelligent and playful. Due to its rough play, it is not recommended for families with very young children. With semi-long hair, created in the United Kingdom with the selection of specimens obtained from Turkey.


York Chocolate

Image the breed of cats York chocolate

Abundant, medium-length, chocolate-colored fur is the hallmark of the York cat. Although there are other colors such as lilac (lavender) product of crossing with Siamese. He is very curious, energetic and playful. Ideal for all types of families (including children).


Types of Cats of race

Here you will find All the Cat Breeds of the World arranged alphabetically from A to Z.

Some of them are recognized by the main international feline associations, but others have emerged in recent decades and have not yet been recognized as a new breed by these feline entities. What they all have in common is that they have conquered the hearts of breeders and people from all over the planet, who incorporate them into their families every day. 

Each cat breed has a personality and physical traits that make them unique. Physically, many cats are characterized by having a specific eye color, a certain length or pattern of fur, a body size or distinctive physical feature (ears, legs, tail, face, etc.). 

By clicking on each image or name of the chosen cat, you will enter a section designed specifically for that cat breed. 

You will find the standard of the type of breed, photos, information about its country of origin, the history of how this breed arose, physical characteristics, personality (character), domestic behavior (you will know how it relates to children, the elderly or other pets ), grooming (the cleaning required on a daily or weekly basis), health (genetic and hereditary diseases that different types of cats may suffer from or to which they are predisposed), nutrition (the food they need) and curiosities (unpublished data). 

All this will allow you to get to know the different breeds in depth and choose the right one to incorporate into the lifestyle that you and your family lead. 

Take a look at the complete list of kittens.