Purebred cats with wild ancestors

Breed cats with wild ancestors - Photo of the Serval cat

In the following article you will find breeds of cats that will attract your attention due to their wild appearance. But not only do they look wild, but they are also the product of crossing domestic cats with wild cats. With the aim of getting a cat similar to the big cats, but with enough docility to be part of our homes.

Savannah the Cat

It is one of the largest cats in the world. It is the product of a cross between a domestic cat (Siamese) and a wild African cat (Leptailurus serval). His personality varies according to the number of generation to which he belongs. In other words, it will be wilder and larger, the closer it is to its serval ancestor.

That is why we find Savannah cats with a wilder side, which is why they are more active, distrustful, curious, jumping and climbing, who sneak to go outside and hunt mice. But there are also specimens with an affectionate personality, calm and tame. It is a very active breed, so it is important that they have open spaces available so that they can exercise and discharge excess energy.

Purebred cats with wild ancestors - Photograph of the African Serval and the savannah cat

Chausie the cat, a native of Egypt

It is a hybrid breed, which arises from the crossing of a short-haired domestic cat with the wild Chaus cat. It derives its name from the latter.

The Chausie cat has a slim, slender and muscular figure. Despite being domestic cats, they have a wilder side that stands out. They are restless and excessively active, they need a lot of activity and exercise. They like to run, climb, hunt, play a lot, and climb trees or closets, so it requires spending time in open or large spaces.

You have a reserved, independent character and are generally stubborn. They do not show fear of anything, so they expose themselves to danger regardless of the risk they may take. He has little patience with children and does not get along with other animals. They may attack if they feel intimidated.

Chausie the cat - Cats with wild ancestors

Bengal or Bengal cat

It has a brindle coat, giving it the appearance of a miniature jaguar or leopard. It is the result of crossing a domestic tabby cat with a native Asian leopard cat. The name of the breed comes from the scientific name (Prionailurus bengalensis) of the female "leopard cat" that was used in the cross.

The result was a cat with a leopard-like coat, with an adventurous and wild side like its ancestor, but with the calm and docility of a domestic cat. The Bengal cat is heavy boned, stocky, strong and muscular. He is an active, cunning and curious feline, who likes to investigate all the spaces in the house and can get into some mischief. He loves to swim, as well as jumping, running and climbing to the highest places.

He is constantly alert and observant, he is hyperactive, so he needs to spend time outside. But it must be noted that he has an affectionate and sociable personality, he gets along well with other pets and is a faithful companion to his owner, he will always wait for him at the door when he returns, and snuggle up next to him.

The Bengal cat is so popular for its beautiful features that it was used to give rise to new breeds, such as the Serengeti and the Toyger.

They are considered hybrid felines, although a wild cat was not used directly, the Bengal cat (Prionailurus bengalensis x Felis silvestris catus), does have a wild ancestor.

The Bengal Cat - Also called Bengal Cat

the serengeti cat

It arose in California in 1994. For this, a Bengal and an Oriental cat were crossed. The result was a cat that looked wild, but as docile as a domestic cat. As main features, it presents brindle fur with brown spots on its brown back, long legs, long neck, rounded eyes and large ears.

They are affectionate and sociable cats, forming strong bonds with their owners. It should be noted that they are very active, playful and energetic, they love to jump from high places and run through the house at full speed.

The Serengeti cat - Cat with wild ancestor

Toyger the cat

It is a breed with a robust, athletic body and a brindle coat (orange with stripes) that gives it the appearance of a miniature tiger, hence its name. In this case, the breed is the result of years of work by the breeder, to get a domestic cat with the appearance of a tiger. For this he crossed his Bengal cats, with a domestic mackerel tabby cat, and an Indian cat.

He is a strong, medium-sized, large-boned cat. But her wild appearance is not related to her docile, sweet and playful personality. He likes to spend time with his master. It can live in families with children and also with pets.


If at the end of reading the note you are still interested in any of these breeds, you have to keep in mind that in their personality we will find a mix of traits, of a domestic and wild cat. Therefore, it is essential to socialize the cat from a young age, to achieve a better coexistence among all members of the family.

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