Wild looking cat breeds

Wild looking cat breeds

Did you know that there are breeds of cats that look wild, but are not related to wild animals? Some were the result of spontaneous mutation. But in other cases they were the fruit of years of work by breeders, who sought to create breeds that look similar to wild cats.

This required multiple selective crosses between various breeds of domestic cats, with a specific coat color and physical build. The results were domestic cats for all families, sociable and playful, but with the appearance of wild cats.

Among the breeds of cats with a wild appearance we find the following:


It is a cat with the appearance of a black panther. It is the result of a cross between a Burmese cat and a black American shorthair cat. The breeder sought to create a cat similar in appearance to the black panther, that is, a black cat with shiny fur and copper-colored eyes. It took several years, and multiple crosses, to set the standard for this breed.

Its name derives from the city (Bombay) in which the black panther lives in India. It is a wiry, medium-sized cat with short fur, calm, homely, companion and affectionate. He is fascinated by pampering and spending time with the family.

Photo - The Bombay cat - Breeds of cats with a wild appearance


It is a strong and muscular breed of cat, with an ocelot-like appearance. From there derives its name, which comes from the union of the English words ocelot (ocelot) and cat (cat). It is a breed whose origin is the United States and is the product of the selective crossing of a mixed-race cat (Siamese with Abyssinian) with a chocolate point Siamese cat, and in this way a Siamese with tabby spots was born.

The objective was to achieve a domestic replica of the Ocelot. This led to other breeders making crosses between Abyssinian, Siamese, Oriental spotted, Egyptian Mau and American shorthair cats, from which the current morphology of the Ocicat was achieved. The Ocicat cat is affectionate and faithful to its owner. He has a dominant personality, but can get along with other cats and even dogs.

Photo - The Ocicat cat - Breeds of cats with a wild appearance


It is a medium-sized, long-bodied cat that looks similar to a wild cat. It is a native breed of East Africa, Kenya, more precisely from the Sokoke Arabuke rain forests. Its name comes from its place of origin.

The emergence of this breed is due to natural mutation, where a traveler found some offspring of these cats, which seemed strange to him. Those kittens aroused the interest of breeders because of their appearance, so they began to breed them with each other to develop the breed.

They are intelligent cats, very active and they love heights, so they need wide spaces. It is not an aggressive feline, they only use their teeth and claws if they feel threatened. They create a strong bond with their owners.

Photo - The Sokoke cat - Breeds of cats with a wild appearance

Egyptian Mau:

It is a medium-sized, elongated and muscular cat. Brindle on the legs, tail, chest and forehead, the rest of the body is mottled contrasting with a light background colour. It is one of the oldest cats, it can be found in paintings from 4000 years ago, in the company of pharaohs in ancient Egypt.

Regarding his personality, we can say that he is a faithful companion, but very possessive of his masters, he seeks attention and constant adoration. It is a territorial and jealous cat breed. So you have to be careful with the little ones in the house until they gain confidence.

Photo - The Egyptian Mau cat - Breeds of cats with a wild appearance


Perhaps the rarest cat on this list, since its appearance is not similar to that of a feline. It is a cat with a wolves-like appearance. It is a breed of American origin, which arose as a result of a natural mutation and was born from the cross between two short-haired domestic cats. The kittens were born with strange fur and some hairless parts.

The name of the breed is of Greek origin and means "Wolf", since its eyes and fur make its appearance remind us of this animal. Some breeders were interested in their appearance, so they began breeding this breed of cat. It should be noted that it is a kitten with an affectionate, cuddly and playful character.

Photo - The Lykoi cat - Breeds of cats with a wild appearance
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