All About Cat Breeds

Image of the Egyptian Mau, Somali, Burmese, Russian Blue, Abyssinian, Thai, Peterbald, Maine Coon, Japanese Bobtail, Exotic.

Here you will find all the information about the cat breed you are looking for

To give you a better browsing experience on our page, we have designed for you a series of categories based on the distinctive features of the various races, so that you can find what you are looking for faster and easier. Or you can use our advanced filters in which you can classify your perfect pet, with a large number of options and thus locate the desired breed.

Next, we will provide you with a list that will make it easier for you to find your favorite cat:

By eye color:

In this section you will be able to find these precious felines, due to their different eye colors. From the classics like the Siamese cats to the most exotic disparate eyes, like those of the Khao Manee cat.


Here you will meet all the cats with eye color ranging from yellow to amber. In this section you will find breeds such as the burmese and the chartreux cat, among others.

Photograph of the Burmese kitten, or (burmesse cat) in English.


Below you will discover the kittens with blue eye color. In this section there are breeds such as: the snowshoe cat, the thai cat, among others.

Image of the Thai cat, also called "traditional Siamese"


Here we will show you all the cats with green eye color. Some of these breeds are: burmilla cat and the cat russian blue, among others.

Photo of the Russian Blue kitten.

colorbeef Variados

You will find here a list of all the cats that can have a wide variety of eye colors. In this huge list there are breeds such as: the Nebelung and the abyssinian cat, among many others.

Abyssinian cat photo.


To find cats with this rare exotic appearance, disparate colored (differently colored) eyes, click on this sector. You will discover races with native disparate eyes such as: the khao manee and the devon rex cat.

Khao Manee cat photo.

By physical peculiarities:

Here you will get information with physical data of many breeds classified by their curious peculiarities. In this section we have cataloged these adorable felines, by appearances and/or physical characteristics that make them unique!!!

You will be able to see both the Japanese short-tailed cat, the tabby cat, as well as hybrid cats descended from wild cats.

Wild Aspect

To know all the cats with a wild appearance you must enter here. In this section you will find (mostly) hybrid cat breeds such as: savannah the cat Y the bengal cat, among others.

Image of the Bengal cat, with its striking wild appearance.

flattened/flat face

You will discover all the cats with a flattened (flattened) face appearance in this section. Some of these breeds are: himalayan cat Y Persian cat, among others.

Persian cat photo.

Curved/folded ears

If you are looking for the kittens with their curved or folded ears, this is the right sector. You will locate breeds such as: the Scottish Fold cat with small and floppy ears, or the kinkalow cat folded ears.

Image of the Scottish Fold pussycat or "Scottish Fold"

with short legs

You will find a wide variety of short-legged cats in this part of our website. For example, him Minskin and the munchkin cat.

Photo of the Munchkin dwarf kitten.

No tail/short tail

Click here to know all the cats with short tails, or without tails. Some breeds with this peculiarity are: the pixie bob cat  and the american bobtail cat among others.

Photograph of the American Bobtail cat (American bobtail cat in English).

By size:

In this section we have classified cats by their size. From the smallest cat in the world (the toybob), as well as one of the largest in the world (the Savannah).

Small size

Upon entering you will know the smallest cat breeds. As the Singapore cat and the korat cat, among others.

Photo of the Singapura known in Singapore as "Sewer Cat" due to its small size.

Medium size

You will locate all medium-sized cats in this section. For example, him balinese cat  and the egyptian mau cat, among many others.

Balinese cat posing for a photo.

Big size

To know all the breeds from large to “giant” cats; As is the case with maine coon cat or the turkish van cat, among others. Enter here:

The Huge Maine Coon cat, in the arms of a man.

By type of fur:

From the breed of hairless cats like the sphynx, even cats with abundant fur such as the ragdoll. What are you waiting for? you have everything within reach of a click to discover them!

hairless cats

The breeds of cats without hair, or with an almost imperceptible layer of fur are in the following list. Some of them are: sphynx cat or the baby cat, etc.

Photo of the Sphinx or Sphynx kitten.

short hair cats

To know all the short-haired cats, go here. You will find breeds like: the Australian Mist cat and the british cat, between many more.

Photo of a sweet pussycat. The British Shorthair Cat.

semi-long haired cats

Enter this section to find all the kittens that have semi-long hair. As in the case of: Turkish Angora cat, the Javanese cat, the Ragamuffin cat, among others.

The Turkish Angora Cat, lying down in a photograph.

long haired cats

Long-haired cats will be located in this section. We can mention among others: japanese bobtail and the ragdoll cat, And so on.

Ragdoll image. Considered the most affectionate cat in the world.

Curly/wavy haired cat

To discover all the kittens with curly or wavy fur, you must click here. You will locate breeds such as: the Cornish Rex cat, and the Selkirk Rex cat.

Photo of a Selkirk Rex kitten, with beautiful curls.

All cat breeds:

Next, we will share a video from our YouTube channel where you will find many breeds of cats.

Then we will present you with a list of all types of cats, many of them recognized by prestigious feline associations. In it you will find all the most popular breeds with photos, as well as the most exotic species of cats, ordered alphabetically by their names. And so, to be able to locate your ideal pet!

All Breeds of Cats 2022 (A - Z)

Most Popular Cat Breeds

Below, you will find some of the most sought after breeds by Cat lovers. But on this website, you will discover much more than you imagine.

Abyssinian cat photo. (abyssinian cat) in english.


It is a very elegant cat, it has a coat that distinguishes it from other breeds, since several shades of dark colors are altered interspersed with lighter colors. He is very cuddly and quickly becomes fond of the whole family, even the dogs.

There is a long-haired version called Somali.


American shorthair cat photo. American Shorthair.

american shorthair

It has a wide variety of colors in its standards. Reason why it is one of the most popular and chosen cats in North America.

It is sweet and affectionate, usually responds to caresses with a soft purr. The American shorthair likes to be outdoors and climb trees.



Photo of the Turkish Angora cat.

turkish mohair

It is a slender breed of great elegance. His long fur is the result of a natural mutation. The white Angora is recognized in its country of origin (Turkey) as a symbol of purity.

He likes water, so he will have no problem taking a dip. They are active and demanding with their owners. It is a breed that does not like sudden and unexpected changes.

Photograph of the Russian Blue cat. Archangel cat.

russian blue

It is one of the oldest cat breeds. Her silky blue-gray, silvery hair; accompanied by their beautiful emerald eyes, are features of the breed.

What gives it the distinctive touch is its particular way of walking on tiptoes.

They are affectionate and devoted to their owners. They love green spaces, more precisely to jump, climb and make use of their hunting instinct.

Photograph of the Bengal cat or Bengal cat.


It is a hybrid breed with a wild appearance, its brindle coat gives it the appearance of a jaguar or small leopard. It is a large, robust and muscular cat.

It is very active so it needs to spend time outdoors to be able to climb, jump and run everywhere. It is sociable, affectionate, and a faithful companion to its owners. You can live with other pets.

Photo of the Norwegian Forest cat.

Norwegian Forest

One of its distinctive features is its abundant long and thick fur; that in summer time molts.

You need to spend time in wide spaces to be able to run and climb. They are recognized as the sweet giants, since they are calm, very docile and playful.

Photo of the British Shorthair and British Longhair kitten. British Shorthair, British Longhair

British cat (short hair and long hair)

His coppery eyes make him practically unmistakable. It is very sweet and docile, it adapts very well to all types of families, since it usually plays with children, as well as with other household pets.

Photo of 2 Burmese kittens. burmese cat


One of its main characteristics is its slightly separated eyes, as well as its slightly flattened face and rounded head. Its fur can be seen in a wide range of colors in brown. They are cats that love to climb and jump.

There is a variant of traditional Burmese, called European Burmese.

The short-haired Colorpoint cat posing for the photo. Colorpoint Shorthair.

color point

The Colorpoint can be found in 16 different colors. It has a light color but with darker extremities.

They are characterized by being loyal to their owners, as well as by their sensitivity to their mood.

Photo of the Exotic cat (the real life Garfield).


It is a very calm kitten who does not like loneliness, so they are very attached to their masters. He is physically very similar to Persian cat.

A curiosity: The famous cat "Garfield" is inspired by an exotic orange cat.

Photo of the huge Maine Coon, the giant cat.

Maine Coon

The “Giant” Maine Coon… The biggest cat in the world. It is one of the first naturally arisen cats in the United States.

They are very intelligent kittens and usually have many vocal variations to communicate both with other cats and with humans.

A curiosity: It is that they never usually take out their nails when they play, which is why it is recommended for families with young children.

Photograph of the Neva Masquerade cat. Point version of the Siberian cat.

New Masquerade

It has a slender and primitive appearance, of great size. He is very sociable and likes to share games with other pets.

The Neva Masquerade is the point version of the cat Siberian. Therefore, they share many similarities in both appearance and personality.

Image of the Burmese cat or Sacred of Burma.

Holy of Burma (Burmese)

It is characterized by having large blue eyes and light-colored fur, with dark areas on its face, ears, tail and upper legs, with white gloves (feet).

They are tender and friendly, ideal for the elderly, families with children and other pets.

Photo of the Scottish Fold lying down.

Scottish Fold

His round face, his big eyes and his small ears folded forward give him a cute appearance. Among its qualities, its tranquility, sweetness and loyalty to its owners stand out. Easily adapts to any environment.

The Scottish Fold has a version with normal ears, called Scottish Straight.

Image of the Siamese kitten. Also called by its modern Siamese name.

Siamese (Modern)

This breed has a slender appearance, an elongated torso, and a triangular head with a slightly elongated snout. It has light-colored fur, with dark areas on the face, ears and tail.

He is energetic, curious and playful. It is a great vocalizer, especially in mating season.

Photography of the Singapore or Singapore cat breed.


It is one of the smallest cat breeds in the world. Her round face and large almond-shaped eyes make her peculiar.

An obedient and playful feline. It is independent so it does not suffer if it is left alone for several hours.

Photo of the sphinx or sphynx kitten.

Sphynx (Sphinx)

It has a striking appearance, due to its lack of fur, which is the result of a natural mutation. There are bald specimens and others that have a fine layer of hair, imperceptible to the naked eye, but which gives it a chamois texture. It is sensitive to temperature changes.

An affectionate and friendly cat. It constantly demands the attention of its owner and seeks his company.

Image of the Thai cat. Thai. Or also called traditional Siamese.

Thai (Traditional Siamese)

Within its physical characteristics of the breed we find its head with rounded contours, an elongated and compact body, rounded-tip tail and thick thickness. Its fur is light with dark extremities (snout, ears, legs and tail).

He is sociable, curious and playful. They stand out for being an active, temperamental and very vocal breed, especially during the mating season.




Why is a cat the best pet?

More and more people, when looking to incorporate a pet into their family, choose a cat, due to the many advantages and benefits they present. In principle, because they are extremely clean animals and groom themselves several times a day to stay hygienic, they can also be taught to relieve themselves in litter trays.

On the other hand, they adapt to living in any home (house or apartment) and do not need to go out for a walk every day.

In regards to the benefits of having a cat, has an impact on the good health of its owners, since having a cat as a pet: increases self-esteem, improves mood, and reduces stress. It could even reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by a third.

Cats: Mestizos and Breed.

Cats can be mestizos or belong to one of the many breeds of cats that exist.

mongrel cat:

A cat is a mongrel (common cat) when they have no pedigree ancestors. Therefore, you will not be able to know exactly what type of cat it will be (personality or hereditary diseases), since you do not have information about the breeds that make up its DNA.

Your genealogy could be made up of more than one race, therefore having many traits of each.

Photo of two mestizo or common baby kittens.

Breed Cat:

Instead, a cat is purebred when it has a pedigree. That documentation that any serious breeder provides along with the feline in question. In this way, it is possible to know who their ancestors were for several generations and ensure that the offspring is purebred, so it maintains the typical physical standards of the breed.

The different races are the result of natural mutations or crosses by artificial selection. Within the natural mutations (which were produced without the intervention of the hand of man) we find the Lykoi (Wolf Cat) and to  Donsky, among others. While, the artificial selections (planned by the human being) gave rise to hybrid races such as the Havana, the cat peterbald or the ukrainian levkoy, etc.

Image of a Siberian kitten next to a michi thai.

General facts about cats

Terminology of the word cat:

The domestic cat is scientifically called "Felis silvestris catus" and popularly cat, has thousands of different nicknames awarded by humans. It is a carnivorous mammal of the Felidae family, which was domesticated for coexistence with Man.

How much do cats weigh on average?

Generally an average cat can weigh between 2.5 and 7 kg, but there are some cataloged as the largest breeds in the world, for example: the Savannah and the Maine Coon that reach 11 kilograms.

There are also other races that are distinguished by being the smallest cats on the planet, as they are: Toybob and Korat that do not exceed 4-5 kilos.

How long is a cat's tail?

A cat's tail normally has an average length of about 25 centimeters, with an average of 18 vertebrae in the shortest and 28 vertebrae in the longest. But there are specimens with no tail, or with a partial tail that does not exceed 12 centimeters in length, and have between 2 to 10 vertebrae, as is the case of the Kurilian Bobtail, or the mekong bobtail.

How long do cats live?

The life expectancy of a domestic feline is, on average, 12 to 16 years, but there are longer breeds such as the american shorthair, the cat European (Celtic) and the Siberian, among others, which can live 20 years.

At what age does a cat reach sexual maturity?

As for the age at which they reach sexual maturity, there are two large groups.

» In the first we find the females that reach sexual maturity between 5 and 6 months, while the male reaches maturity a little later than them, at 7 – 9 months, in this group we find the Siamese cat, the cat Oriental, among others.

» In the second group, breeds that reach sexual maturity after a year or two of life, as in the case of the Sacred of Burma, the Ragamuffin cat or the manx cat, which takes 21 months to reach puberty. In general, short-haired cats are earlier and long-haired cats are later.

Photo of an Oriental shorthair cat, along with her newborn babies and breastfeeding.

How long does a cat's pregnancy last? How many babies can you have?

Gestation and the number of kittens a cat will conceive will also vary depending on the breed. But we can estimate that on average it will last between 62 and 67 days and the number of kittens per litter is between 1 and 10 pups approximately. In general, in the first pregnancy the litters are less numerous than in the successive ones.

Next, we will mention, by way of example, some cats in particular:

» In hairless cats, gestation lasts between 60 – 65 days and on average a litter has 4 to 5 kittens, but in some cases they can gestate 8 or more pups.

» For Siamese cats, pregnancy can last up to 70 days, but no longer.

» The Angora cat gestates her kittens for 63 to 65 days, and can have between 4 and 6 pups.

» The Persian cat has a gestation period of 64 days, and a litter is approximately 1 to 6 kittens.

» The Exotic cat gestates the kittens for 63 or 65 days. The first litter is 3 to 4 kittens, but in the second they increase to approximately 10 kittens.

How do cats communicate?

Cats communicate with people through vocalizations, such as meowing and purring, but can howl, whimper, growl, and hiss. Some of the most vocalizing breeds are the Siamese and the Tonkinese.

What is the personality or character of a cat according to the breed?

Regarding his personality or character. There are very calm cat breeds such as Persian and British cats.

Others that are recognized for being extremely affectionate, as is the case of the Ragdoll and mumbai.

Unlike other breeds that are characterized by being more restless such as the Devon rex, Chartreux and Abyssinian. Cats that resemble dogs in personality such as: Maine Coon, Egyptian Mau, and Turkish Van.

Image of the logo and its social networks. Along with several images of faces of purebred cats.

Cat Categorization

There are criteria for classifying cats, which allow them to be grouped according to some quality or particularity in common. We will mention some of them:

» Mixed cats are classified as: domestic shorthair or longhair.

» While purebred cats can have multiple categorizations. For example:

  • Some breeds can be classified by their coat:

They can have long hair like Somali and Nebelung, or short hair like for example the European Burmese or the Sokoke and so on. While specimens like the dwelf or the kohana are found in the group of hairless cats, and other specimens such as the american wirehair , the cat German Rex or race Laperm, are located as members of the curly or wavy hair group.

  • Other categorizations would include, for example, grouping them by their physical characteristics such as:

Lacking a tail, for example the cats of the Manx breed and Cymric; or have short legs like the minuet or the cat Lambkin. Another particularity would be for its singular faces (flattened) such as the Himalayan or the Exotic; even by its distinctive curved or bent ears as in the case of the american curls or the Elf.

  • They can also be divided into groups of wild-looking cats:

Whether those that are the product of the crossing of domestic cats with wild cats; such as the Bengal and the Chausie; or cats that only have a wild appearance due to a natural mutation such as the Lykoi; or fruit of the work of breeders for years to achieve this appearance, as is the case of the Toyger and the Ocicat, among others.

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