4 Reasons to Adopt a Mongrel Cat

Image of tricolor mixed breed cat. For breed of common domestic cats.

The mixed breed cat, also called the common cat, is classified as domestic short-haired or long-haired. They are cats that do not have pedigree ancestors. Therefore, you will not be able to know exactly what type of cat it will be (personality or diseases), since you do not have information about the breeds that make up its DNA, but they also have the following advantages:

4 Reasons to adopt a domestic mixed breed cat

1- Common cats, for the most part, live longer, since they have better health than pedigree cats, this is because they have a greater gene pool and have fewer problems.

2- As for their feline personality, it can be more complete and balanced by this same gene pool that they have. Each mixed breed cat has an exclusive and unique personality, waiting for you to discover it.

3- They are usually cheaper and easier to find. We can adopt a kitten that needs a home, from an animal shelter or from the streets. Thousands of cats enter animal shelters every year.

4- Another reason to adopt a common cat is that in this act of solidarity you are helping to combat animal abandonment. Which is also a public health problem, which affects the welfare of animals and uncontrolled breeding. This causes the number of abandoned animals living on the streets to increase every year, which is why there are animal shelters that are saturated.

Little mixed breed kittens. Photograph of two mixed breed kittens.

Advantages of adopting a common cat

If you adopt a kitten you will not regret it, they are independent, playful and very affectionate pets.

They adapt to any environment, they can live in apartments and you don't need to take them for a walk every day. In addition, it is proven that it improves the mood, the stress level of its owners and reduces the probability of suffering a heart attack by one third.

If you are determined to adopt a cat, it is important that you first visit a shelter or hostel, we interact with them and that they get to know us, since in most cases they experience distrust towards people, due to their experiences.

For this reason, it would be positive that we try to interact with him several times before taking him to his new home and try to make the first impression positive, bringing him some prize (food or cat toy).

In general, we choose that kitten that at first glance seems cute to us, so it is important to get to know them all, not rely on their appearance and give each of them the opportunity to meet us and win us over.

Video of the reasons to adopt a mixed breed cat

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