The 5 smallest cats in the world

The 5 smallest cats in the world »

If you are looking for a small cat for your family, because it looks adorable or you have a small space in the house and you think the right thing is a small kitty that is comfortable with the space you have…. Here you will find the ranking with the 5 smallest cats in the world.


Wild-looking cat breeds

Wild-looking cat breeds »

Some were the result of natural mutations. But in other cases, they were the result of years of breeding work trying to create a breed with an appearance that resembled a feral cat. The result is a cat that is family friendly, sociable and playful, but looks like a feral cat.


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All the latest trends, news, curiosities, information and rankings about these beautiful felines, you will discover them in the Cat Breed Blog.

You will find Information that will allow you to know the impressive cat world. Which will generate that you can learn more about your cat, its characteristics and needs.

We will mention just two of the many you will find:

Having a cat as a pet has advantages and benefits, which you will discover here, the main benefit that we can mention is that it positively affects the good mood of their owners.

Knowing how cats communicate through their meowing and body language will allow you to build a better bond with them.

You will also find Cat Rankings, which can guide you when choosing a cat breed. Among them we have the top ten of the most expensive cats on the planet or rankings according to their body size, such as the largest cats in the world or the smallest cats in the world.

You will also find a ranking that describes the most affectionate cats on earth.

There are cat facts that not all cat lovers know. These notes can be found here. Like for example 25 curiosities you didn’t know about cats, the 4 exotic and rare cats, or all about hairless cats, and so on.

The latest News about cats are located in this section and will allow you to be informed. For example, about cat toys, cat beds, and so on.

Finally, what the world is talking about at the moment, the Trends about cats, we will tell you in this sector. As is the case of catnip, which is very popular and mentioned by cat lovers, but if we decide to implement it or not, we must know in depth on the subject so as not to affect the health of our kitty.